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Employees at Amazon said the layoffs are a "horrendous way to treat people."

The Hawk
November17/ 2022

San Francisco (The Hawk): The e-commerce behemoth Amazon has revealed job losses at the corporation as Big Tech enters the season of layoffs. According to Amazon, some teams are "making adjustments" in the present macroeconomic climate while "consolidating some teams and programmes."

Although initial reports put the figure at 10,000 people, or 3% of its employment, the corporation withheld the precise number of affected employees.

A corporate representative was quoted by TechCrunch late on Wednesday as stating, "As part of our yearly operations planning review process, we always look at each of our businesses and what we believe we should alter."

According to the spokesperson, "as we've gone through this, some teams are making modifications, which in some situations implies specific roles are no longer necessary, given the current macroeconomic context (as well as several years of rapid hiring)."

We don't take these choices lightly, and we're doing everything we can to support any affected staff.

In a separate internal post, senior vice president of Devices and Services Dave Limp stated that "we recently decided to merge several teams and programmes" following "a deep set of reviews."

Some roles won't be needed any longer as a result of these decisions, according to Limp.

"We will help the transition with a package that includes a separation payment, transitional benefits, and outside job placement support in circumstances where employees cannot find a new career within the company," Limp continued.

Numerous departments have been affected by the drastic employment layoffs, but particularly the Luna cloud gaming branch and the Alexa virtual assistant company.

The Washington Post previously stated that "Amazon employees were brought into meetings with their bosses around the country on Tuesday and many were informed they had two months to find another internal position or take severance payment."

Employees had a negative response to the choice.

"The fact of the issue is that this shitshow would not exist if the corporation was more open. The majority of the populace is now pondering who will be next "Recode was told by a senior firm manager.

"Even if I still want to work for this company, I'm not sure. What a terrible way to treat people "stated a senior management at Amazon.

Thousands of workers have already been let go by companies like Meta, Twitter, Salesforce, and others; Meta alone let go more than 11,000 workers.

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