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Delhi HC notifies 5 TV networks regarding coverage of the Delhi Excise Policy case

The Hawk
November22/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): For allegedly "misreporting" the Delhi Excise Policy case, the Delhi High Court on Monday issued summons to five television news stations. The court also ordered the News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) to investigate the channels' compliance with the necessary standards.

Vijay Nair, a former AAP communications coordinator and businessman, filed a petition with Justice Yashwant Varma, alleging that the ED and the CBI disclosed critical material about the case to the media.

During the hearing, the court voiced its displeasure with news outlets such as India Today and Republic TV for airing the case, in which several Aam Aadmi Party leaders were implicated.

Zee News and Times Now were also given notices on the alleged inaccurate reporting.

The investigation agencies had already been ordered by the court to document any press statements they had made regarding the matter.

In response to the court order, ED claimed that it had not released any press releases, but CBI asserted that it had done so three times.

The court added that "at least at this point, it cannot be argued that the information was jointly leaked or provided by the investigative agencies" in this case.

The matter's subsequent hearing would take place in February.

(Inputs from Agencies)