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Delhi HC Allows Cop Convicted Of Double Murder To Attend Father's Last Rites

The Hawk
September13/ 2022

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday permitted a policeman convicted of double murder to attend his deceased father's 'Tehrvi' ceremony in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh.

Jail authorities have been directed to take him to his village in custody.

The division bench of justices Mukta Gupta and Anish Dayal directed the Superintendent, Tihar Jail to take the appellant in custody with necessary security to his village in Muzaffarnagar district on September 15, at his residence to attend his father's 'tehrvi'.

The bench observed, "Considering the desperate conduct of the appellant, who despite being a Head Constable in the police acted with impunity and committed robbery with murder as also deterred the person who was chasing him, to kill him with an unlicensed pistol, this court does not find it fit to grant interim suspension of sentence."

However, the court permitted the appellant to attend the 'tehrvi' of his father on September 15, 2022, in custody.

The appellant had sought interim suspension of his sentence on the ground of the serious medical condition of his father. However, his father died on September 6, 2022. The counsel for the appellant submitted the cremation of the father that has taken place.

However, the 'tehrvi' is to be performed on September 15. The appellant is the only son of his father and thus his presence is essential. It was stated in the report filed by police that he was convicted for the murder of businessman Amarjeet Singh on September 24, 2011. The appellant entered his car and fired three shots from his illegally possessed pistol and looted three gold chains and a locket.

On hearing the gunshots, the patrolling police also reached there and with the help of a motorcyclist tried to catch hold of the appellant, who again fired on the police.

In the melee, he shot at the motorcycle rider Shanni who succumbed to his injuries in the hospital later. Moreover, some more cases are also pending against the appellant. —ANI