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D-Day Near?

The Hawk
March13/ 2023


Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): D-Day or Deadline-Day near for Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on ensuing March 16, 365th day after he took over as P'b CM? This question is dogging the people's minds in the state with rapidly deteriorating law and order situations in the state with Mann unable to contain / control it, try as much as he is doing if at all that is, comment know-alls, he is unable to check the sudden spurt in statewide lawlessnesr, discontent, recalcitrance, repertoire of violence-bending, frictions etc tanta-mounting to break down in administrative system in the state, comment mature observers, its as if statewide, the masses are restless, out in the open with danda, kirpan etc to give vent to their anger, denial to them, fooling them, 0 progress, 0 employment, 0 opportunities and the like. Their overt ire is against Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, ruling AAP as the people are convinced that they were led to the "heavenly garden path falsely via lies, deceit, conceit, falsehood". Their sufferings have increased by manifold today and they have reached at end of patience.Thus, their on-road protests which growingly is assuming the proportion of "no return to normalcy" thereby, "danger". At the same time, wonder social analysers in the state, why the CM is quiet, why is he not indulging in dialogues with them to "understand them"?