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Court bundle lifter fired for utilising a QR code to accept a bribe

The Hawk
December2/ 2022

Prayagraj (The Hawk): A court bundle lifter, sometimes referred to as a "court jamadar," has been suspended for accepting money within the courthouse using a digital wallet.

The bundle lifter who was discovered to be sporting a QR code on his uniform has been suspended by the Allahabad High Court.

After carefully examining Justice Ajit Singh's letter from November 29 in which he demanded stern punishment against the court jamadar, Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal made the decision.

The court jamadar was a part of Justice Ajit Singh's court.

A recent WhatsApp message circulating among High Court lawyers purportedly showed court jamadar Rajendra Kumar wearing his uniform and carrying a Paytm QR code inside the courthouse.

According to the suspension order, the jamadar would receive a subsistence stipend during the suspension period if he could provide proof that he was not working another job or engaging in any other trade, profession, or occupation.

The Registrar General's Ashish Garg issued the suspension decision, which was made public on Thursday. It stated that the concerned jamadar has been terminated immediately.

(Inputs from Agencies)