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Cookie Crumbles

The Hawk
March11/ 2023

Cookie Cumble

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Cookie Cumbles...Sand Dume Falls...Deck Of Cards Goes Phut...If Its Saturday Like Today, It Is Delhi-cum-Centre Wherein, All Hells Break Loose With No Shackles / Bar / Impediment Of Any Kind...Loud-n-Clear To "Supercilious, Couldn't-Care-Less-For-Any-One-Pursuing" Kalvakuntla Kavita, her father Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekhar Rao, "unvanquishable-posing" CM of Telengana. So 'confident' both have been with "the possession Telengana", assert observers, that they treat Telengana as their personal fiefdom and they know none other or nothing else other than that state which they founded. But what about the Centre's permission / sanction / approval to it? Silence to that, observe many in utter disregard / disapproval / contempt. They became so confident that simply forgot Sonia Gandhi, the overt promoter of Telengana, backer to Rao, then running from pillar to post seeking separate statehood for Telengana. Only Sonia Gandhi then supported him, his Telengana. ...After T'gana was an independent state, CSR its CM, Sonia Gandhi was forgotten by CSR, his daughter, then MP, Kavitha. Sonia was their no-no attitude till yesterday. Today, it has dramatically changed: Sonia now My Amma to Kavitha, now in grip of Rs 200-Cr Delhi Liquor Scandal. Foolproof related documents involving her are in ED's possesrion, thanks to others nabbed in this connection including deposed Delhi Minister Manish Sisodia etc. What does Sonia now remains to be keenly seen, say insiers.