Dehradun (The Hawk): Tula's Institute hosted a Talk Show with the Famous Bollywood Actor Gulshan Grover, popularly known as 'Badman' in the industry, within the college premises today.

The program commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony by all the present dignitaries, including Actor Gulshan Grover, Executive Director Tula's Institute Silky Jain Marwah, Vice President Tula's Group Raunak Jain, Vice President Technology Dr. Raghav Garg, Director Tula's Institute Dr. Sandeep Vijay, Dean Dr. Nishant Saxena, Dr. Ranit Kishore, among others.

Commencing with his session by addressing the audience, Gulshan said, "I feel extremely delighted and excited to be present here among the bright students of Tula's Institute. My childhood wasn't as luminous as my life today. I belonged to an average & financially-feeble family. My late father always taught me and my siblings to rise above all our problems and fulfill all our dreams and ambitions. All this could only be achieved through education, and despite the tough conditions prevailing in our family, my father never hindered our education. Continuing on this positive note towards the importance of education in our lives, I give my best wishes and regards to Tula’s Institute for imparting world-class education to the students across the country and contributing their best to society."

Sharing one of his anecdotes from his childhood, Gulshan said, "When I was a school student, my father faced some difficulties in his career. There was a phase when I had to sell detergent door to door, in order to pay for my tuition fees. From working as a detergent salesman at such a tender age to paving my way through Bollywood and becoming the industry's 'Badman', my life journey has been full of ups and downs. My motive behind sharing this story is to inspire you all so that you work hard in life and achieve unprecedented success."

Despite being an outstanding scholar in academics and securing admission to one of the most renowned colleges in Delhi, Gulshan chose to take an altogether different path and become an actor. He says, “I am forever grateful to Delhi as well as my college at Delhi University for giving me a unique exposure and molding my life in more ways than one. Whatever I got to learn in this city has dwelled with me."

Gulshan Grover stands among the foremost actors in the Bollywood industry to have worked and made a name in Hollywood. He feels proud of actors today who have concreted the path which he paved in the Hollywood industry. He said, “I feel proud of the fact that I got a golden chance to work in the Hollywood industry. Today, witnessing young talents such as Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher, and Anil Kapoor among others making a name for themselves there, I feel prouder.”

Speaking on the occasion, Executive Director of Tula's Institute Silky Jain Marwah said, "It was a heartfelt moment for us and the entire Tula's Institute family to have the Badman of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover, among us. I would like to take this moment to thank Gulshan Grover for sharing all the invaluable stories and anecdotes of his life and being a tremendous source of inspiration for the students of Tula's."

The talk show was hosted by the BJMC department of the college. Several hundreds of students of Tula's Institute as well as Tula's International School attended the talk show.

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