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Bigg Boss 16: After MC Stan's threats, Shalin's parents write an open letter to makers

The Hawk
December22/ 2022

Mumbai (The Hawk): Shalin Bhanot, a competitor on "Bigg Boss 16," got threats from housemate MC Stan that prompted his parents to write an open letter to the Bigg Boss producers.

For those who are unaware, Tina Datta's nomination for eviction sparked a verbal altercation between Shalin and Stan, the new captain of the house.

The letter, which was posted on Instagram by Shalin's parents, stated the following: "Salutations and gratitude for the love you have all shown for our son Shalin. Shalin agreed to go on this incredible, difficult trip."

"We are confident that he will triumph and win people over. But we are concerned! It was upsetting to watch our son receive death threats on national television last night."

"Following the episode, threats have kept coming in via fandoms, leaving us to ask how this is acceptable. Although it is a reality show, its primary purpose is entertainment. Why are we adding threats of death and life to this situation? Our family is genuinely concerned and wonders how this was let to air on national television."

They voiced their son's parents' worry.

"Beyond our son's happiness and safety, nothing else is important to us. by way of Shalin ke Mama and Papa."

(Inputs from Agencies)