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Because of its success, some people criticise India's democracy and institutions : PM Modi

The Hawk
March18/ 2023

New Delhi: On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that certain people are upset by the success of India's democracy and its institutions, which is why they are assaulting it. This comes as the BJP has been heavily targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his criticism of the state of democracy in India.

At the India Today conference, Modi stated that India is a success story for democracy and took aim at the various opposition parties for banding together in response to the actions of several inquiry agencies against their leaders in cases of alleged corruption.

As an example, he said that large-scale schemes involving hundreds of millions of rupees were once front-page news, but that now it is the cooperation of the unscrupulous in response to action in corruption cases that is being reported on.—Inputs from Agencies