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At the Lulu Mall in Kerala, PVR Cinemas debuts its first 12-screen superplex

The Hawk
November25/ 2022

Thiruvananthapuram (The Hawk): One of the nation's top theatre chains, PVR Cinemas, has unveiled its first 12-screen superplex in the state capital's Lulu Mall.

The theatres will open for business on December 5.

The company intends to add 70 more screens nationwide by the end of current fiscal year.

The 12-screen megaplex was officially opened on Thursday night in the presence of senior PVR Limited employees as well as Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director of PVR Limited, Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Joint Managing Director of PVR Limited, and Yusuff Ali M.A., Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu Group International.

Following New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Noida, this will be the fourth superplex format offered by PVR in the nation.

With this launch, PVR Cinemas expanded its presence in Thiruvananthapuram by adding 14 screens across two properties, solidified its position in Kerala by adding 27 screens across four buildings, and increased its footprint in the South by adding 311 screens across 50 properties.

The 12-screen building at Lulu Mall is an inventive excellence, featuring foreign formats including IMAX and 4DX, 2 of PVR's premium formats, and LUXE designed for an audience segment that wants a wonderful and unique experience.

With a capacity for 1,739 spectators, the Lulu location is the first superplex in Kerala to be furnished with luxurious reclining chairs for increased comfort and 2K RGB+ Laser projectors that produce incredibly high resolution, clear, and brilliant images.

The Audis also include Next-Gen 3D technology and sophisticated Dolby 7.1 immersive audio.

Each component of the multi-format theatres is intended to make a strong impression and make the viewing experience feel truly extra-large.

According to Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director of PVR Ltd, they are thrilled to collaborate with The LuLu Group once more in Kerala and are looking forward to giving their customers an exceptional movie-going experience.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our first superplex theatre in Kerala, and the growing demand from customers motivates us to continue offering cutting-edge, international standards of cinematic entertainment to every region of the nation. With a robust slate of future movies and a significant amount of unmet demand from movie aficionados, we are optimistic that movie lovers will appreciate our original format and appreciate our efforts "said Ajay.

According to Yusuff Ali, they have always believed in creating new standards, and this new PVR Superplex with IMAX will solidify our status as the leading entertainment hotspot for locals and visitors to the capital city.

Ali declared, "PVR will be with us wherever we open our malls across the nation.

Before the conclusion of this fiscal year, 70 more screens would be opened throughout the nation, according to Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Joint Managing Director, who spoke to IANS.

"People have begun to return since we are performing well in the post-pandemic period and South India is the best with 50% capacity, while we need 17 to 20% capacity to break even. We have created plans to watch approximately 100 screens annually in the upcoming years. Since we don't own any properties, we operate on a leasing arrangement "Sanjeev stated.

But he claimed he wouldn't go into production or co-production and that they distribute for other individuals.

Sanjeev continued, "If everything goes well, we'll also partner with Lulu Malls outside of India."

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