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Apple has no intention of acquiring Manchester United

The Hawk
November25/ 2022

San Francisco (The Hawk): Apple, a major technology company, has no plans to buy Manchester United, a team in the Premier League.

The report was untrue, a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation told MacRumors.

In a recent statement, the club stated that its board intended to "examine strategic alternatives," which might include selling the club.

The information was made public at the same time as top player Cristiano Ronaldo revealed he would be leaving Manchester United.

The digital company has been investing in sports content, according to the article, although it has no aspirations to purchase the club.

The digital titan reportedly expressed interest in buying Manchester United for almost $7 billion earlier.

After an American family purchased Manchester United 17 years ago, it was confirmed that Glazers, the club's owner, had decided to put the organisation up for sale. In 2005, the Glazers purchased the team, but they quickly lost a lot of support.

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