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Apollo 13's record is broken by NASA's Artemis I Moon mission

The Hawk
November29/ 2022

Washington (The Hawk): The crew of Apollo 13's failed attempt to land on the Moon in 1970 set the previous record, which has since been surpassed by NASA's unmanned Orion spacecraft.

During the Artemis I mission, the unmanned Orion spacecraft from NASA travelled the furthest from Earth: 268,563 miles (432,210).

The previous record was established during the Apollo 13 mission, which reached 400,171 kilometres (248,655 miles) from Earth.

NASA released a statement late on Monday saying, "The spacecraft also captured photos of Earth and the Moon together throughout the day, including of the Moon appearing to eclipse Earth."

According to the US space agency, the spacecraft is still in good shape as it travels through a far-off retrograde orbit for another six days as part of a broader mission millions of miles beyond the Moon.

According to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, "Artemis I has achieved tremendous success and has completed a sequence of history-making events because of the unbelievable can-do mentality."

"Although the mission has gone remarkably well, this is only a test. We test it and put it under stress in that manner "Nelson threw in.

Orion was travelling at a speed of 1,679 miles per hour when last seen, when it was 268,457 miles from Earth and 43,138 miles from the Moon.

Soon, the spacecraft will use the Moon's gravitational pull once more, together with a precisely planned lunar flyby burn, to hurl Orion back toward Earth in preparation for its December 11 splashdown in the Pacific.

Orion was created especially for missions that will take people farther into space than ever before.

Engineers are testing various Orion spacecraft components on Artemis I in preparation for crewed deep space flights.

The equipment needed for astronauts to survive and breathe in outer space will be put to the test during the Artemis II mission.

(Inputs from Agencies)