New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah will be the chief guest at the Delhi University's three-day international seminar commencing from May 19.

The varsity officials confirmed Shah's participation at the seminar titled 'Revisiting The Ideas of India From Swaraj to New India', organised by the Department of Politics Science.

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, too, is likely to attend the event, which will discuss the ideas developed both before and after India's Independence, along with those who propounded its ideas.

"In this proposed international seminar, an effort will be made to understand the journey of India through ideas that blossomed in the modern times spanning the last 150 years. Undoubtedly, during this period, Mahatma Gandhi awakened not just the Indian consciousness but that of the whole world by enthusing his set of ideas in the first half of 20th century," the concept note read.

"If Swami Vivekananda unveiled India and its ideas at the world stage, Mahatma Gandhi established India at the global level. The proposed seminar will provide a platform to discuss ideas such as Swadeshi, Vande Mataram, Swaraj, Nationalism and Socialism among others that took shape before Gandhi but further bloomed under the leadership of Mahatma and others. This seminar will, therefore, discuss the ideas developed both before and after the Independence of India along with those who propounded such ideas," the note further stated.—PTI

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