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Allahabad HC denies bail to guy who killed wife, chopped body

The Hawk
November24/ 2022

Lucknow (The Hawk): The bail request of a 29-year-old Balrampur resident accused of killing his wife and disposing of her body parts after packing them into a bag in July 2020 was denied by the Allahabad high court's Lucknow division.

According to Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh's judgement, there is no justification to issue bail to the accused Sameer Khan given the "heinous" nature of the offence and the evidence that has been filed.

According to the prosecution, Sameer met Ayesha while he was employed at a meat market in Mumbai. In 2017, the two fell in love with one another and were married.

In 2020, when the store he was working at was closed due to a Covid-induced lockdown, Sameer returned to his hometown in Balrampur without Ayesha because he hadn't told them about his marriage in Mumbai.

The accused said in his police statement that he became suspicious of his wife's "character" since her phone was always busy whenever he tried to reach her. He called his wife to Lucknow on June 25, 2020, and they moved in together in Indira Nagar.

On July 5, 2020, the accused and his wife got into an argument. He then beat her fatally with a rod. She was then cut into six pieces, which he kept in a luggage. On the Lucknow-Ayodhya route, Sameer brought the luggage to Safedabad Barabanki and dumped it there.

On July 7, 2020, police found the suitcase holding the body portion.

Police found the body and detained Sameer for questioning about 40 days after the crime.

He confessed to the crime after being questioned for a long time and helped the police find the knife and the vehicle that was used in the murder.

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