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Adani Angle

The Hawk
March16/ 2023


Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Adani Angle: So powerful, so complete, so fully focussed, so completely powerccentric that the Adani Angle, dislike it / hate it / despise it with utmost contempt, disregard, anger, abuses, slangs but the fact is, it is only Adani and Adani and Adani every where in both Houses of Parliament in its ongoing session that is being repeatedly halted, thus, even, most important, most immediate issues are held up, not even mentioned due to repeated uproars, hullabaloo et al inside the Houses. Instead its only Adani and Adani all the way...Its as if Adani is India, India is Adane for Adani, of Adani, by Adani. Adanism is insidious all through so much so that "the normal financial dealings are held up".