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AAD IIT Roorkee Organizes Internal Conf On Teaching & Rehab Strategies For The Deaf

The Hawk
September24/ 2022

AAD IIT Roorkee Organizes Internal Conf

Roorkee(The Hawk): Anushruti Academy for the Deaf (AAD), a social initiative of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITRoorkee) organizes Internal Conference on Teaching and Rehabilitation Strategies for the Deaf (TRSD 2022) at the Biotech Auditorium, IIT Roorkee.

The international conference attempts to brainstorm methods at global level on various issues on effective ways of teaching and rehabilitating the Deaf on modern and scientific lines. The two day eventwas organized observing the Deaf week. The conference was inaugurated on September 24, 2022 and the valedictory ceremony was held on September 25,2022, world Deaf day. The first day of the event saw the felicitation of Maniram Sharma, IAS, Haryana Government; VidishaBaliyan, Miss Deaf World 2019; VinayakBahadur, Ajatshatru National Award Winner; AbhinavDeshwal, Gold Medalist in Shooting Deaflympics, Brazil; Shourya Saini, Bronze Medalist in Shooting Deaflympics, Brazil.

Overwhelmed by the recognition received, the awardees expressed their gratitude, Maniram Sharma, IAS, Haryana Government, said,"Doing away with traditional methods of training and educating and adapting the modern- day teacher education and training is the way forward."

VidishaBaliyan, Miss Deaf World 2019, said,"I am grateful of the recognition received and I am hopeful that this conference creates an impact in the area of the education of the disabled."

VinayakBahadur, Ajatshatru National Award Winner, said,"Education and rehabilitation strategies are constantly faced by challenges and I hope we serve as example for the differently abled."

AbhinavDeshwal, Gold Medalist in Shooting Deaflympics, Brazil, said"Techniques for improving communication skills and modes of communication will further help teaching and rehabilitating the deaf on modern and scientific lines."

Shourya Saini, Bronze Medalist in Shooting Deaflympics, Brazil, said,"I strongly believe that early intervention, parent counselling and psychological evaluation will go a long way in preparing the deaf and disable to succeed in life."

Prof. AjitChaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkeeand U. C. Jain, Chairman, Wisdom Global School were the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour, respectively, at the conference. The two day event was addressed by number of eminent personalities, including StutiNarainKacker, IAS; Dr.Meera Suresh, Dr.Usha Pathak, Pawan Kumar Mishra, Dr.NidhiBhatnagar, Parvathy Pavitran, Raymond D’Souza, Santosh Kumar Agrahari, Rishabh Kumar, Mr.AmbujKushwaha , Shweta Tiwari, Dr. J.S. Saini, Dr. SunalivijDhawan and DrDhaval P Vyas, among others.

AAD, formerly known as Roorkee School for the Deaf, is a Social Initiative of IIT Roorkee which consists of mainly the faculty members of IIT Roorkee, administers the school. It runs programs for the Deaf children starting from kindergarten to grade 12. This is the only such unique institute in India which exists on the campus of a high-tech institute like IIT Roorkee. Prof. Ajit K Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee, highlighted, "A small percentage of Specially Abled (Divyang) children have facilities to receive education in our country and the percentage of those receiving technical education and vocational training is even worse. Thus, it is imperative to think of various ways and means by which the Education and Vocational Training needs be planned in future." U. C. Jain, Chairman, Wisdom Global School, said, "I would like to congratulate IIT Roorkee for being actively with Anushruti by organizing such events wherein students of Anushruti are motivated and prepared for a better living."