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    64 roads closed in Himachal Pradesh amid heavy rains

    The Hawk
    July5/ 2024
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    Himachal Pradesh faces severe disruptions due to heavy rainfall and landslides, with 64 roads closed, 34 electricity supply schemes disrupted, and 44 water supply schemes hampered.

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    Shimla (HP): Amidst the heavy rainfall and landslides, around 64 roads were closed in the state of Himachal Pradesh, said the state government on Friday.
    Also due to the rain, 34 electricity supply schemes are disrupted and 44 water supply schemes have been hampered in the state today.
    According to the status report of public utilities disrupted due to rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, out of 64 blocked roads, 55 roads were blocked in Mandi, seven roads in Chamba and one in each Kangra and Shimla.
    Meanwhile, out of the 34 disrupted electricity supply schemes, the major disruption is in Kullu (33) and one electricity supply scheme is disrupted in Chamba.
    The reason stated behind the electricity supply disruption in Kullu is due to the major fault in the high-tension (HT) lines.
    HT lines are used to transfer energy over long distances at high voltages.
    As per the data, out of 44 hampered water supply, 22 water supply schemes have been hampered in Bilaspur district while this number is 19 in Mandi and three in Shimla.
    Earlier in the day, the number of closed roads was 77 in Himachal Pradesh, said authorities.
    Also due to the rain, 236 electricity supply schemes are disrupted and 19 water supply schemes have been hampered in the state today.
    The majority of the roads that were blocked are in the Mandi district, where 67 roads are blocked.
    In Chamba district, seven roads were blocked. One road each was blocked in Kangra, Lahaul, and Shimla.
    In Lahaul, the road connecting Darcha to Sarchu was closed due to a flash flood near Zingzingbar, according to an official release.
    In Kangra, the road was closed after a bridge washed away due to rain. The new bridge is likely to be constructed by July, according to the release.
    Mandi had seen the highest disruptions in the electricity supply. The number of electricity supply schemes disrupted in the district is 132.
    The weather department has issued an orange alert for the state until Friday, warning heavy to very heavy rain along with thunderstorms and lightning in isolated areas.
    On Thursday, Kataula (Mandi) recorded 15 cm of rainfall, Pandoh (Mandi) recorded 11 cm and Sujanpur Tira (Hamirpur) recorded 8 cm of rainfall.
    The meteorological department has also issued a yellow warning for heavy rains over the weekend.