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    50 students in Bihar school fall ill after consuming mid-day meal containing dead lizard

    The Hawk
    September13/ 2023
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    Patna: Some 50 students from a government school in Bihar's Sitamarhi district fell ill after consuming a mid-day meal which allegedly contained a dead lizard.

    The victims, ranging from classes 2 to 5, were admitted to the Sadar hospital Sitamarhi.

    The doctors at the hospital claimed that the health parameters of the students were normal and a majority of them were discharged after preliminary treatment on Tuesday.

    “The students were under observation for a day on Tuesday. Their health parameters are normal. The parents are with their children. We have followed the medical procedures for their treatment. Their condition is normal and there is no need to worry,” said Sudha Jha, a medical officer at the Sadar hospital.

    The students claimed that they found the dead lizard in their meal.

    Ram Swaroon Singh, the parent of one of the affected children, said: “As per school guidelines, the administration prepared the mid-day meal for the primary students first. After consuming the food, they started complaining of stomach ache and vomiting. The news of the incident soon spread in the village and we took the students to the Sadar hospital for treatment.

    “The students, after finding the dead lizard in the food, had kept it aside.”