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    3 workers injured in Delhi after accidentally hitting pipeline

    Pankaj Sharma
    August29/ 2023
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    New Delhi: Three workers sustained burn injuries after they accidently hit an IGL pipeline while working for a project in the national capital, a Delhi Police official said on Tuesday.

    The police received a call at 2.44 p.m. on Monday thata fire incident had occurred in Burari, north Delhi.

    “Upon enquiry it was learnt that the contractor working for the Safe City project while doing trenchless digging accidentally hit an IGL pipeline causing some damage and three welding workers accidentally received burn injuries. They were treated at the hospital and discharged with minor injuries,” said the official.

    “Later the IGL engineers were called at the spot to restore gas supply. However three persons stopped the workers from carrying out repairs and obstructed work. Police party was sent to settle the issue.

    “Incidentally some obstructing persons misbehaved while in inebriated condition. The IGL staff remained unhurt. Job was completed. Supplies are in the process of restoration,” said the official, adding that a case has been registered at Burari police station.