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    3 women arrested in Uttar Pradesh for religious conversion

    Pankaj Sharma
    December29/ 2022
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    Balrampur (The Hawk): In the Balrampur area of Uttar Pradesh, three women have been detained after police booked seven people for allegedly pressuring a Nishad community family to convert to another religion.

    According to authorities, the accused allegedly threatened the family, telling them to cooperate or leave the area.

    A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against the seven accused under a number of laws, including the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, 2021.

    According to a police spokesman, the incident happened in the predominantly minority Jafrabad neighbourhood where the complainant's family, Deepa Nishad, resides.

    The neighbours are accused of harassing the family.

    He claimed that four men, Amirzade, Irfan, Sonu, and Afreed, as well as three women, Sahajadi, Moharma, and Sahiba, were named in the FIR.

    Rajesh Kumar Saxena, the superintendent of police in Balrampur, stated that additional arrests would be made while the case was being probed after the three women were taken into custody.

    The complainant said that the seven individuals frequently put pressure on her to sell her home in the predominantly Muslim neighbourhood. Additionally, the neighbours allegedly made death threats against her and her family.

    According to a different police source, the complainant also claimed that the three arrested ladies once broke into her home and spat on the family's May temple, an incident that she had videotaped.

    He claimed that once she publicised the footage, the police took action against the culprits. He stated that the culprits had been arrested on suspicion of conversion to another religion and temple desecration.

    According to the police source, there may have been a disagreement about a drain before things got out of hand.

    He stated that they had a similar altercation on December 20 that resulted in stone-pelting.

    He continued that after the police intervened, the situation was resolved amicably.

    (Inputs from Agencies)