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    2,000 Seers From 150 Sects To Be Invited For Ram Temple Opening

    Sunil Aswal
    September12/ 2023
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    Ram Temple

    Ayodhya: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) will invite 2,000 seers of 150 sects for the Ram temple opening ceremony in Ayodhya proposed to take place in January 2024

    According to a VHP leader, the Sant Pampark Vibhag will contact these seers and extend and invite to them.

    The VHP has also decided to connect with five lakh villages across the country for the Ram Lalla idol consecration ceremony in Ayodhya — much like the Kar Seva and Shila Pujan events organised during the Ram Mandir movement of the 1990s.

    Senior leaders of the organisation have also decided to appoint VHP office bearers in all five lakh villages where it has planned an outreach with ‘Shaurya Yatra’ of Bajrang Dal.

    Sharad Sharma, regional spokesperson of the VHP, said that it has also decided to consolidate its base in these villages.