13-feet-long python rescued from Haridwar's Ismailpur village

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    May7/ 2024
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    A large python caused panic in Ismailpur village, Laksar, necessitating a challenging rescue operation by forest officials and local villagers.

    Python rescued from Haridwar's Ismailpur village

    Haridwar (Uttarakhand): Chaos erupted after a giant python entered the fields adjacent to Ismailpur village of Laksar tehsil in Haridwar district. The forest workers had to sweat hard to rescue the python, which was 13 feet long and weighed about one and a quarter quintal. After a lot of effort, the python was rescued and released to a safe place in the forest.
    As soon as summer begins, wild animals start entering areas inhabited by humans in search of water. On Monday, a huge python entered the field adjacent to Ismailpur village in Laksar tehsil of Haridwar.

    When the nearby farmers saw the python, they also lost their senses. The forest department was immediately informed. As soon as the information was received, the team of Laksar Forest Department reached the spot and started rescuing the python.

    The python hiding in the bushes was rescued after immense effort.
    Range Officer Shailendra Singh Negi said that as soon as the information was received, the Forest Department team reached the spot and the python was rescued and released safely into the forest.

    "This python was about 13 feet long and its weight was around 1.25 quintal, hence it took time for the forest workers to rescue it, but with the help of the villagers, the forest workers successfully rescued this giant python and released it in the reserved forest area," said Range Officer Shailendra Singh Negi.