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    'Yeh darpok Congress, darpok RJD...Modi not a coward like them": PM Modi

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    May25/ 2024
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    Modi also targeted RJD and Congress for their silence on allies who disparage Biharis. He praised Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's governance, warning against a return to "jungle raj" under RJD.

    PM Modi

    Rohtas (Bihar): Calling Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal "darpok" (cowards), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that terrorists in the previous governments used to attack the country because of these coward leaders adding that he is not a coward while citing an example of India carrying out surgical strikes across the border of Pakistan.
    Addressing an election rally in Bihar's Karakat, Prime Minister Modi said, "Yeh darpok Congress, darpok RJD keh rahe hain ki Pakistan ke pass parmanu bomb hai (Coward Congress, Coward RJD is saying that Pakistan has a nuclear bomb. 'Khud mein masala khali ho gaya toh udhar ka masala dikhate hain...The terrorist attacked us then because of these coward people. But Modi is not a coward like them. Modi instructed the Army 'Jaao Ghar mein ghuske maaro'."
    Prime Minister's remarks were in reference to senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar who in an interview was heard saying that Pakistan, as a nuclear-armed country, deserves respect. He also advocated the need for India to reengage with its neighbour.
    In an interview with Chill Pill Mani Shankar Aiyar on April 15 said, "They are also a sovereign country (Pakistan). They are a respected nation. You can talk tough with them (Pakistan). But start the dialogue. You are walking with a gun which yielded you nothing. Tensions are escalating. And if a mad person comes there, what will happen to the nation? They have an atom bomb. We also possess the atomic bomb. But if a mad person detonates our bomb at Lahore station, so within eight seconds, eight moments, its radioactivity will reach Amritsar."

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    Targeting RJD and Congress for opting to remain silent against DMK and TMC for abusing the people of Bihar, the Prime Minister said that these people do not care about the pride of Bihar.
    "They are only concerned about their vote bank. A DMK leader, an ally of the INDI alliance, abused Biharis in filthy language, the Congress Chief Minister of Telangana spoke ill of Biharis, West Bengal CM abuses Biharis on a daily basis. But RJD and Congress leaders do not have the courage to speak even a single word against them," he said.
    A clip of DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran went viral last year in which he was saying that Hindi speakers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who come to Tamil Nadu end up doing construction work or cleaning roads and toilets.
    Praising Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his governance, the Prime Minister said that NDA government brought Bihar out of the "jungle raj". The PM also recalled the poor situation of law and order under RJD's rule.
    "I want to caution our first-time voters against Jungle Raj Part-2. The youth have not seen those old days when it was difficult to go out after the evening. If someone from outside reached the railway station at night then he had to wait for the morning light. Kidnapping, robbery, murder, these had become the misfortune of Bihar," he said.
    Elections in Bihar are contested in all seven phases. With 40 Lok Sabha constituencies, the fourth highest among all States and Union Territories, Bihar holds a crucial position in shaping Indian politics.
    RJD from the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance), the opposition coalition in Bihar, will contest 26 out of the state's 40 Lok Sabha seats. As part of the NDA, the BJP and JD (U) will contest for 17 and 16 seats, respectively. The results of the Lok Sabha elections will be declared on June 4th.