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    'Have Come Here To Protect Self-Respect, Rights Of Our People': Chandra Shekhar Aazad

    Inam Ansari
    June26/ 2024
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    Chandra Shekhar Aazad

    New Delhi: Aazad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) chief Chandra Shekhar Aazad who took oath as a Member of Parliament (MP) from Uttar Pradesh's Nagina Lok Sabha constituency on Tuesday said that he has come to the Parliament to protect the self-respect and rights of his people.
    "Today I took oath as MP inside the Parliament... even today our people have not got respect, basic facilities. Where are the jobs? Where is employment? The government will have to answer. We have come here to protect the self-respect and rights of our people and we will show it by doing it. We will raise our voice here, our people will become aware. We will force people in power not to be arrogant," Aazad said speaking to ANI after taking oath in Parliament.
    Earlier on Monday, on the first day of the inaugural session of the Parliament after the 18th Lok Sabha election, Aazad said that he will give voice to the concerns of those who are "not even considered humans".
    "...I am the voice of those who were not even considered human. Their voices were suppressed... I assure you that as long as I am in the Parliament, I will raise my voice for the people. Those who work against the Constitution and people will be questioned...," he said speaking to ANI.
    Earlier this month Aazad said that governments are responsible if people do not have access to basic facilities after decades of Independence.
    "If basic facilities are not reaching people after so many years of Independence, then the governments are responsible for it. Discussions should be on how to create new facilities for people, so many youths are unemployed, farmers are worried," Aazad said speaking to ANI.
    "They (farmers) are not getting their minimum wages nor do they have employment. They go to sell their produce every day but there is no one to buy. This is because more than 80 crore people are living a hand-to-mouth existence," he added. Azad emerged as the winning candidate from Nagina Lok Sabha constituency after defeating BJP's Om Kumar by a margin of 151473 votes.
    According to the Election Commission of India, the BJP won 240 seats, much lower than its 2019 tally of 303. The Congress, on the other hand, registered a strong growth, winning 99 seats.
    In Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party won 37 seats, the Bharatiya Janata Party won 33, the Congress six, Rashtriya Lok Dal two, Aazad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) one and Apna Dal (Soneylal) one seat. —ANI