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    'Barbed-Wire Kite' Trips Metro Power Supply: LMRC

    April20/ 2022
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    Lucknow: Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation on Friday lodged an First Information Report against unknown people for allegedly flying a 'barbed-wire kite'' near the metro-lines which interacted with Overhead Traction power supply and tripped the entire system, thus affecting the metro services on Thursday.

    The trains services were affected on Thursday at 1634 hrs due to tripping of Overhead Traction Power supply, LMRC officials informed.
    "When the affected site was examined, it was found that a kite attached with a long steel barbed wire with very sharp hook at every six inches, interacted with live 25,000 volt OHE supply," sources claimed.
    The steel wire with sharp hook has emerged as alternative to Chinese thread (manjha). It's reported that this wire is even more dangerous than Chinese manjha as it can injure people around.
    Allahabad High Court has banned sale of Chinese manjha in Uttar Pradesh since November 2015 citing several incidences where people received injuries on neck, eye and other body parts apart from slicing of skin of birds.
    Subsequently, National Green Tribunal also banned the sales of Chinese manjha. Media in past has reported similar tripping incidences in Indian Railways as well as in Power Transmission Companies. LMRC has urged Lucknow residents not to fly such kites especially near metro lanes. UNI

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