"Third term means we will work three times faster": PM Modi

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    July2/ 2024
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    This assertion follows BJP's historic third consecutive election victory in 2014, 2019, and 2024. Modi highlighted the NDA's unprecedented success in recent elections and criticized the UPA government's past corruption.

    PM Modi

    New Delhi: Exuding confidence that his government will work with more pace this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that his government will work three times more faster and the results would be three times more that than delivered in the first term of the BJP government to the people of the country.
    This comes after his government comes to power for the third successive time- 2014, 2019, 2024.
    Replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address in Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister said that this is the first time in Congress's history that they have not crossed the 100-seat mark three times in a row.
    "Third term means we will work three times faster. We will deliver three times the results to the people of this country. NDA coming to power for the third time is a historic event. After independence, this privilege has come for the second time in this country and after 60 years. Achieving this feat comes after a lot of hard work," PM Modi said.

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    "Along with the Lok Sabha elections, elections were also held in four states, and NDA achieved unprecedented success in all of them. In Andhra Pradesh, NDA made a clean sweep. We received blessings in Odisha. In Sikkim and Arunachal, we formed the government again. BJP opened its account in Kerala this time, and our MP is proudly sitting here. BJP has registered a strong presence in many seats in Tamil Nadu. In UP and Rajasthan, BJP's vote percentage has increased compared to last time," the Prime Minister added.
    Further, he pointed out that the BJP has increased its voter percentage in the states where elections will be held in the coming days.
    "Now elections are coming up in Maharashtra, Haryana, and Jharkhand. We have received more votes in these three states in the recent Lok Sabha elections than what we got in the previous assembly elections here. We have also made gains in Punjab. The blessings of the people are with us," the PM said.
    Listing out the failures and rampant corruption of the UPA government which was in power prior to 2014, PM Modi said, "There was a period of scams when it was shamelessly accepted publicly that if Rupee 1 is sent from Delhi, only 15 paise reaches. In Rupee 1, there is a scam of 85 paise. This world of scams had drowned the country in the depths of despair. There was policy paralysis, we were in the fragile 5...If a poor person wants to buy a house, he had to give bribe of thousands of rupees. For gas connection, people had to make rounds to the MPs and even then they did not get a gas connection."
    Prime Minister Modi also compared the BJP's governance with that of UPA's while tackling terrorism, he said, "There was a time before 2014 when terrorists could come and attack wherever they wanted. Innocent people were killed, every corner of India was targeted and the governments used to sit quietly. 2014 ke baad ka Hindustan ghar mein ghus kar maarta hain."

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    PM Modi mentioned that there was a time when people used to think that "Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta" are now witnessing the era of change in the country.
    "There was a time before 2014 when those 7 words (Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta) had settled in the minds of the people of India, the society was drowned in the depths of despair, then the people of the country chose us to serve them and that moment started the era of change in the country and in the last 10 years my government has had many successes, many achievements, but one achievement which filled everyone with strength, was to pull the country out of the depths of despair and stand with hope and faith, self-confidence was built in the country...The country started believing, those who used to say before 2014 that nothing can happen, started saying that anything can happen in this country, everything is possible in this country, we did the work of instilling this confidence."