"Jungle-raj kaisa hota hai? Mamata-raj jaisa hota hai": BJP's Gaurav Bhatia attacks TMC over Chopra incident

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    July1/ 2024
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    Bhatia calls it a 'jungle-raj' under Mamata-raj and demands her resignation for failing to condemn the incident.

    BJP's Gaurav Bhatia

    New Delhi: BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia on Monday launched a scathing attack on the "jungle-raj" of the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) government in West Bengal over a video that shows two people, including a woman being beaten up in "broad daylight" in Chopra in West Bengal's Uttar Dinajpur.
    "It won't be wrong to say 'Jungle-raj kaisa hota hai? Mamata-raj jaisa hota hai. Mamata Banerjee is worried about the protection of TMC goons. Tajmul, aka JCB, is shredding the Constitution to pieces. TMC MLA Hamidul Rehman told a journalist that some laws in Muslim countries are like this. Is Hamidul Rehman taking forward your (Mamata Banerjee) mentality?...Sandeshkahli gave Shahjahan and north Dinajpur gave Tajmul," the BJP leader said.
    Bhatia further said that it was a "shame" that Mamata Banerjee has not spoken a word on this.
    "As a woman and a Chief Minister, she should be the first to come out and condemn this incident," Bhatia said adding that Mamata Banerjee should resign.
    BJP MP Sukanta Mazumdar has alleged that the arrested accused is an aide of Trinamool MLA Hamidur Rehman. "TMC MLA Hamidur Rehman's close aide is behind this incident. He has said that such things are done in Muslim countries. It means he is saying that part of the country is a Muslim country. He has an anti-India mindset and leader of the Talibani people...."

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    Earlier today, BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said, "TMC means Talibani Mindset and Culture. The entire country is shocked after seeing the brutal video of Taliban-style, Kangaroo court justice being delivered in broad daylight on the streets of Bengal. The person who was doing this is said to be a close aide and a close person to the TMC MLA there. Instead of coming down hard on this shocking video, the TMC MLA has actually defended it by saying that the woman in question who was being beaten up had a very evil character."
    Meanwhile, women MLAs from West Bengal BJP, including Agnimitra Paul, staged a protest outside State Assembly over incident.
    The assault took place in a public street in Chopra, Uttar Dinajpur district and a purported video of the incident shows a man beating up two people in the presence of onlookers.
    Police arrested the accused who has been identified as Tajmul Haque alias JCB.
    "Accused has been arrested. Suo moto case started by the police. Victim has been provided police security. Investigation proceeds," Islampur Police said in a social media post.
    The police also said efforts are being made to spread misinformation about the incident. "Efforts are being made from certain quarters to spread misinformation about an incident in Chopra PS under Islampur PD. The fact is, police have promptly identified and arrested one person who had publicly assaulted a lady," the Islampur Police District posted on X.