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    "INDI alliance defeated in 5th phase": PM Modi at polly rally

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    May21/ 2024
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    Modi emphasized that the India of the 21st century cannot progress with the "sins" of the INDI alliance and highlighted the achievements of his government over the past decade, such as providing toilets, electricity, gas, and tap water to every home.

    PM Modi at polly rally

    East Champaran (Bihar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the opposition INDI alliance has been completely defeated in the fifth phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections polling which was held on Monday.
    PM Modi also said that India of the 21st century can't march ahead with the "sins" of the INDI alliance.
    Addressing a public meeting in Bihar's Champaran. PM Modi said, "In the fifth phase, the INDI alliance has been completely defeated. India of the 21st Century cannot move forward with the sins of the INDI alliance. And that is why in every election the public is strongly attacking parties like Congress and RJD. On June 4, there will be an attack on corruption, politics of appeasement, tukde tukde gang..."
    Targeting the Congress and its allies, PM Modi said, "In 60 years these people have built big palaces and opened accounts in Swiss banks. You did not have food to fill your stomach, but these people's cupboards were full of bundles of notes. Your children did not have a school to study, but their children continued studying abroad. The poor were in trouble and difficulty, but it did not make any difference to them".

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    PM Modi also highlighted the achievements of his government in the last ten years.
    "Your enthusiasm and blessings indicate what is going to happen in the sixth and seventh phase in the country," PM Modi said in his address.
    "When Modi came (became the Prime Minister in 2014), toilets and electricity reached every house. It is Modi who has taken the initiative to provide gas to every home, it is Modi who is working day and night to provide tap water to every home," PM Modi added.
    The Prime Minister said that the INDIA bloc had no other agenda and only indulged in abusing him.
    "I have heard that someone is roaming around here saying that after June 4, he will give bed rest to Modi. I wish that no citizen of the country needs bed rest. May every citizen of the country be filled with energy and celebration. These people have no other issue in this election except abusing Modi. Someone is saying that they will dig Modi's grave...Someone is saying that they will bury Modi... The prince of Congress wants to see tears in Modi's eyes," he said.
    "INDI alliance leaders, the country can no longer be run as per your whims and desires. Modi might be a thorn in the eyes of the people of the INDI alliance...But Modi is in the heart of the country...Modi is in every heart," the PM further said.
    The next round of voting would be held on May 25.
    The Lok Sabha elections are being held across seven phases, from April 19 to June 1. The counting is scheduled for June 4.