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    "I am going to jail to save country from dictatorship": Arvind Kejriwal as surrender date nears

    The Hawk
    May31/ 2024
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    In his video message, he detailed his struggles with diabetes and alleged mistreatment in jail, while assuring Delhiites that governmental work would continue and promising new initiatives.

    Arvind Kejriwal

    New Delhi: As the deadline to surrender nears, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday posted an emotional message and said that he is proud that he is going to jail to save the country from dictatorship.

    Kejriwal had got interim bail from the Supreme Court on May 10 and was asked to surrender to Tihar jail on June 2.

    In his video message, Kejriwal said, "Tomorrow the 21 days are getting over, the day after tomorrow I have to surrender. I don't know how long they will keep me in jail this time. But my spirits are high. I am going to jail to save the country from dictatorship. I am proud of this. They tried to break me many times, tried to make me bow down but I didn't."

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    "When I was in jail, they tortured me in many ways and stopped my medicines. I have been a serious diabetic for 20 years. For ten years I have been getting insulin injections daily, four times a day. In jail, they stopped my injections for many days, my sugar reached 300-325. If the sugar remains so high for so many days, then the kidneys and liver get damaged. I don't know what they wanted, why did they do this," he added.

    Further, the Delhi CM said that even after being released from jail, his weight is not increasing and his doctors suspect the possibility of some major disease.

    "I was in jail for 50 days and in these 50 days, I lost 6 kg of weight. When I went to jail, my weight was 70 kg, today it is 64 kg. Even after being released from jail, my weight is not increasing. The doctor is saying that there may be some major disease in the body, and many tests may have to be done. The ketone level in the urine has become very high. The day after tomorrow I will leave home at 3 pm to surrender," Arvind Kejriwal said.

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    The Delhi CM also asserted that the work in the National Capital will continue and after returning, he will start giving thousand rupees per month to every woman.

    "All your work will continue, wherever I live, inside or outside, I will not let the work of Delhi stop. Your free electricity, mohalla clinics, hospitals, free medicines, treatment, free bus travel for women, 24-hour electricity and all other work will continue. After returning, I will also start giving thousand rupees per month to every mother and sister," Kejriwal said.

    He also urged the people to pray for his ailing parents.

    "Today I am asking something from you for my family. My parents are very old. My mother is very ill. I worry a lot about them in jail. Take care of my parents after me, pray for them, pray to God. Prayer has great power," he said.

    "We are all fighting against dictatorship together. If something happens to me to save the country, even if I lose my life, then do not be sad. Because of your prayers, I am alive today and your blessings will protect me in future too. In the end, I would just like to say, if God wishes, this son of yours will come back very soon," the Delhi CM added.