"Believe in the principle of santushtikaran, not tushtikaran": PM Modi

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    July2/ 2024
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    Modi highlighted the importance of saturating government schemes to ensure last-mile delivery and true social justice. Amid opposition slogans of "Manipur" and "Tanashahi nahin chalegi", Speaker Birla reprimanded Rahul Gandhi for his conduct.

    PM Modi in Lok Sabha

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit out at the opposition during his speech in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday saying that his governance has believed in the principle of "santushtikaran" (satisfaction) and has ditched the practice of "tushtikaran" that has been followed and practised by the opposition parties when they were in power prior to 2014.
    "Our country has seen the politics of tushtikaran (appeasement), the governance model of tushtikaran (appeasement) for a long time. The country has now seen a new model of secularism for the first time. Through our efforts, we have followed the idea of satisfaction (santushtikaran) and not appeasement (tushtikaran)," the Prime Minister said while delivering his Motion of Thanks to the President's address in the Lok Sabha.
    Explaining the principle of santushtikaran, the Prime Minister said that it means saturation of government schemes and extending governance to the last person.

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    "When we talk of santushtikaran (satisfation), it means the saturation of all government schemes, fulfilling last-mile delivery of governance. When we follow the principle of saturation, it leads to true social justice," PM Modi said.
    The Opposition which has returned to the 18th Lok Sabha with strength, continuously raised louder slogans of "Manipur, Manipur", "Tanashahi nahin chalegi (We won't allow dictatorship) with table thumping as soon as PM Modi started speaking in the Lok Sabha.
    The Speaker even expressed his displeasure to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, saying his behaviour as Leader of the Opposition is not according to parliamentary traditions.

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    Speaker said Rahul Gandhi had given directions to opposition members to come to the well of the House.
    "This is wrong," Birla said.
    Taking a dig at the Opposition who were continuously raising slogans of "Nyay do" while PM Modi was speaking in the Lok Sabha, he said that saturation of government schemes leads to social justice in the true sense.
    "Saturation is true social justice and the country's people have confided in us by electing us to power for the third time," he said.
    Prime Minister said that his government believed in "Justice to All, Appeasement to None".
    "Appeasement has destroyed this country. And so we believed in the principle of Justice to All, Appeasement to None," he said.
    PM Modi said that people have voted them to power after seeing their track record in the last 10 years.
    "After seeing our track record for the last 10 years, India's people have supported us and have given us the opportunity to serve 140 crore people," he said.