"Before 2014, there was a period of scams after scams": PM Modi

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    July2/ 2024
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    He emphasized the transformative changes since his government took power, focusing on the vision of a developed India (Viksit Bharat).

    PM Modi

    New Delhi: Taking a jibe at the opposition in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that before 2014, every day, new scams were taking place and after his government came to power the country came out of the pit of despair.
    Replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address in Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister said that we will dedicate every moment of our time to making Viksit Bharat.
    "When a nation develops, it lays a foundation for the dreams of future generations. When India becomes developed, there is a significant improvement in the condition of our villages and cities. A developed India means that every citizen has many opportunities available to them, enabling them to reach new heights of progress. We will dedicate every moment of our time to making India developed," he said.

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    "Before 2014, there was a period of scams after scams, our country had sunk into a pit of despair. The greatest loss before 2014 was the loss of self-confidence among the citizens. People used to say that nothing can be done for this country. Before 2014, these were the words we heard. 'Roz naye ghotale hote the. Ghotalebazo ke ghotale, isi ka ye kaalkhand tha' (Every day, new scams were taking place. It was an era of scams by scamsters). This world of scams had plunged us into a pit of despair. Nepotism was so widespread that ordinary young people had lost hope. People had to make rounds of MPs' offices just to get a gas connection," PM Modi added.

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    Further, the Prime Minister emphasized that in his ten years of governance, he has achieved many milestones, but the biggest one was pulling the country out of the pit of despair and bringing it to the heights of hope.
    "Those who said before 2014 that nothing could be done are now saying that everything is possible in this country. We instilled this confidence. Now, India can do anything. The results of swift decision-making after 2014 are that today Indian banks are among the most profitable in the world. Before 2014, terrorists could attack whenever they wanted, and the government would remain silent. Today, post-2014, India enters their homes and strikes. We conduct surgical strikes, and airstrikes, and demonstrate the capability to teach a lesson to the masterminds of terrorism. For its security, India can do anything today," PM Modi asserted.
    Speaking on Article 370, the PM said that those who worshipped Article 370 had ruined the condition of Jammu and Kashmir.
    "People who upheld the constitution on their heads did not want to implement it in J-K. Today, after the wall of Article 370 has fallen, stone-pelting has stopped, democracy is strong, and people are coming forward in large numbers to vote, trusting the Indian constitution," the Prime Minister said.