"Bado Badi" song Removed from YouTube Over Copyright Dispute

    The Hawk
    June6/ 2024
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    The song, which garnered over 28 million views since its release last month, was claimed to resemble Noor Jehan's "Bado Badi" from the 1973 film Banarsi Thug.

    Bado Badi song Screengrab

    Pakistani singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan's famous song "Bado Badi" has been removed from YouTube. It was released on his official channel last month and became very popular in India and South Asia.

    There is a copyright issue concerning the music and composition of the song. According to reports, this song resembles "Bado Badi" from the 1973 film Banarsi Thug, sung by Noor Jehan.

    Due to this, the song was suddenly taken down from YouTube, leaving the artist and internet users surprised and disappointed. Since its release, this song had been viewed more than 28 million times on YouTube.


    The music video "Bado Badi," featuring model Wajdan Rao, had created a buzz on social media, and many content creators had made memes about it.

    The song "Aankh Ladi Bado Badi" is currently trending on social media platforms, with millions of reels made on Instagram and YouTube Shorts.