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"Asia's Most Trusted Company" goes to 63 moons technology

The Hawk
December20/ 2022

New Delhi (The Hawk): 63 moons technologies ltd, a pioneer in domestic fintech and a developer of next-generation digital marketplaces, announced on Tuesday that it had won the "Best Technology Solution Provider of Asia" award from the International Brand Consulting (IBC) Corporation in the US and been named one of "Asia's Most Trusted Companies."

"We are pleased to learn that the worldwide forum has given our organisation prominence on a global scale. We were one of the jury's top 50 carefully picked brands. In the process of creating an organisation, this is a significant turning point "S Rajendran, Managing Director and CEO of 63 Moons Technologies, accepted the honour from IBC Corp CEO Hemant Kaushik and Lt. Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk of the Royal Thai Army in Bangkok.

Rajendran has expressed his gratitude to mentor Jignesh Shah and 63 Moons Technologies Chairman Venkat Chary for their unwavering support and leadership during the Group's transition to 3.0.

However, 63 Moons Technologies stated that it is ironically not "fit & suitable" to have any shares in commodities exchanges in India, according to the former regulator of the commodity markets, the Forward Market Commission (FMC).

It was claimed that P. Chidambaram, the then-finance minister, and K. P. Krishnan, the then-joint secretary for capital markets, "designed" and Ramesh Abhishek, the then-chairman of the FMC, "implemented" the "scheme" to remove 63 moons technologies from the exchange area.

The honour given to 63 moons technologies is considered as another another rebuke of the "perpetrators of crime" — P. Chidambaram, K. P. Krishnan, and Ramesh Abhishek, according to allegations made by 63 moons on Tuesday.

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