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Supermodel Karan Oberoi (KO) Reveals 8 Ways To Up Your Style Quotient

Supermodel Karan Oberoi (KO) Reveals 8 Ways To Up Your Style Quotient

Instagram sensation and leading fashion and fitness model Karan Oberoi has been making all the right moves of late. Oberoi's lean and muscular physique coupled withchiselled features are the stuff of every fitness enthusiast's dream. His decade long association with the industry has yielded an enviable body of work - both on the ramp and otherwise. Undoubtedly his style quotient is also one that makes everyone sit up and take notice. We spoke to the heartthrob recently and this is what he had to say, "Style is in my blood and fitness, in my soul."

While his fitness regimes have been extensively covered, his unique take on style is something that hasn't received its due attention. We decided to pick his brain for some tips on everyday styling -

1. Tidy it up -

Taking a shower before you step out is always a good idea, it refreshes you immediately. Make sure your hair is combed and if it is on the longer side, set it with wet gel or wax. If you sport a stubble or beard, take care to trim and groom it well. Facial hair is not attractive when shabby. Little thing sgo a long way.

2. Invest in a few pairs of good shoes -

Try to have a few basic pairs of shoes that can go with a few basic looks. Karan personally has over 75 pairs to match any occasion or mood but we will simplify it for you. Formal shoes in black and brown - either Oxfords or Brogues. Basic sneakers for casual nights out, these could be canvas or the more sturdy ones based on your preference. Loafers can go with a variety of looks based on the type so investing in a pair is always a good idea. Boots for that extra oomph for a night out in town. No matter what shoes you wear, always make sure that they are clean.

3. Kill the B.O. -

You could look as dapper as possible, but all your efforts are going to go down the drain if body odour rears its ugly head. Karan recommends indulging in deodorants or men's colognes to tackle this issue. His personal favourites are Armani Code, Versace - Pour Homme and Arabianoud - Woody.

4. Tailored clothes -

Nothing can truly match the suavity of tailored clothes. This is especially true for formal wear. Even with regular apparel, try to select ones that suit your body type and fit you well - not too tight or loose. Following trends blindly is a complete no-no, only choose clothes that you are comfortable in because comfort automatically steps up self-confidence.

5. Keep a few must-haves-

A bunch of basic must-haves in your wardrobe is enough to coast you through most situations, Karan says. A well-fitted pair of blue denims, a pair of slacks in a neutral shade, a crisp white shirt, a black leather jacket, an informal blazer in navy blue or charcoal, a few solid colour tees (white, red, black, navy, khaki) are the key ingredients, mix and match these and you're good-to go!

6. A smart time-piece-

Invest in a sturdy watch, and try to purchase an original that fits your budget. A good timepiece on your wrist is bound to draw the right kind of attention and of course, it also keeps you punctual!

7. Belt it Up -

Match your belts with your shoes always. Nothing is tackier than mismatched belts and shoes. Avoid large and garish buckles and make sure your leather belts are not faded, torn or worn out.

8. Keep it simple, silly -

Resist the temptation to over-accessorize. The minimalist look is the most sophisticated. If you like to accessorize, try to not use more than one statement piece.

These are some of the basic rules of style that Karan Oberoi swears by. He believes that anyone can look stylish with just a little bit of effort. We hope these tips help you decode your own style quotient!

Updated : 2019-05-16T18:53:34+05:30
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