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Sex expert provides foolproof plan for fab sex after staggering 50 per cent of women claim to be unhappy with their bedroom action

While there are so many reasons for this there are a few things you can do to help combat it if you and your partner would like more sex.

I have developed a fool proof five step programme to help you feel sexually satisfied.
Be a try sexual
Committing to trying something new with your partner every month will help to break any boredom you feel in the bedroom.
Experimenting together helps to build bonds, and in turn, means you're more likely to want to be intimate with them.
Whether you try having sex in a different room, a new position or incorporating a sex toy or game is up to you.
Something like The Lovehoney Position Spinner, which does all the hard work for you would be perfect.
If you want to really go all out keep a diary of these sessions so that you and can look back and reminisce, which in itself can be a huge turn on.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, masturbation is as key to a good sex life as lime is to a good G&T.
Practising the art of self love has been proven to help to naturally increase your libido, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress and boost your immune system, leading to better over all health.
The saying 'use it or lose it,' definitely applies to sex, so keeping yourself ticking over can only be a good thing.
I always recommend using lubricant for any sexual activity.
The addition of lube reduced friction and makes everything feel so much better, if you really want to treat yourself then this Prosecco lube is the one for you.
It's also waterbased so safe to use with condoms, and sex toys.Communicate
Active communication is so important in a relationship, this means saying what you mean and meaning what you say as well as trusting that your partner is doing the same and really listening to them.
I'd recommend setting some time aside, away from external factors to discuss this with your partner.
Communication is key to a happy relationship so take time to truly listen to your partnerGETTY - CONTRIBUTOR
Communication is key to a happy relationship so take time to truly listen to your partner
It's a good idea to find mutual ground to do this, going for a walk is perfect as it gives you something physical to do leaving you free to really think, talk and listen with your partner.
Look after yourself
Your overall well-being has a lot to do with how sexy you feel and in turn how much sex you want.
Eating a balanced diet and exercising as well as looking after yourself emotionally are key to a happy and healthy sex life.
Make sure you're taking time for yourself, getting out of the house for a swim, cooking a delicious meal together or even something as small as 10 minutes in the bath every now and then can make all the difference.
We know that stress is a contributing factor when it comes to reaching climax so makes sure you leave external stress at the door, so that you can concentrate on your sexual happiness.
Lots of companies will offer supplements or 'miracle cures,' but I wouldn't recommend them as a long term solution, they're a short term aid and not a way to create and sustain a happy and healthy sex life.Keep down there trim
No I'm not talking about taking a pair of shears to your lady garden. I'm talking about your pelvic floor or Kegal muscles.
Our pelvic floor, like any other muscle needs working out.
The best way to activate this set of wonder muscles is to stop and start your flow of urine when you go to the toilet.
You can also get training kits, which are essentially weighted balls and may be described as Kegal balls, Jiggle balls or Ben Wa balls.
All you need to do is insert and clench, when you can do that easily you can swap them for a heavier set. The Tacey Cox Supersex Toner Balls are perfect and are currently on offer for less than a tenner.There are so many reasons why sex can go out the window, the key to getting your groove back is pinpointing where it went wrong and coming up with a plan together on how to tackle it.
Managing expectations and ensuring that reality lines up with them can be tricky, so start off small and work your way up.
Cultivating a top notch sex life can be difficult at the best of times, so if for whatever reason it doesn't happen for you overnight, or takes a little longer than you'd like it's important not to beat yourself up about it.
Take a deep breath and just get back on that horse.
-- Annabelle Knight

Updated : 2018-12-01T22:33:27+05:30
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