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Deep Money's track 'De daaru' hits 2mn views

Deep Moneys track De daaru hits 2mn views

Mumbai: Singer Deep Money's party number "De daaru" has received good response online, with the track reaching two million views on YouTube within eight days of its release.

The song, rendered by Deep Money and A.K, is made for parties and is about making friendships and living in happy moments. The song is directed by Ashish Rai.

"'De daaru' is a song about celebrating life and living openly. The freshness in the music has a different party vibe to it, to which everyone can groove. I am happy with its performance," Deep Money says.

Director Ashish Rai adds: "It's been wonderful working with Deep Money and AK, two of the genuine personalities. We have greater expectations from the audiences that they will give greater love to this song." —IANS

Updated : 31 March 2021 4:10 PM GMT
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