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TN BJP denies Actor Siddharth's charge of murder threats

TN BJP denies Actor Siddharths charge of murder threats

Chennai: The IT cell in-charge of the Tamil Nadu BJP has denied the allegations of actor Sidharth that he was threatened with murder and his family members with rape through social media including Twitter. He said that the threats were owing to his criticism of the Union government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having failed to handle the second Covid wave.

The actor had tweeted that the IT cell of the BJP Tamil Nadu unit had leaked his mobile number and more than 500 people had issued death threats, abuse and threat of rape of his family members. He said that all the numbers were linked to the BJP.

BJP Tamil Nadu IT wing secretary, CTR Nirmal Kumar while speaking to IANS said, "BJP workers are not involved in issuing death threats to actor Sidharth. We are in the process of supporting people with food and medicines during the Covid crisis. If he can prove that any BJP worker is involved in this, I assure that strict action will be taken against him/her."

He added, "Party workers should not listen to people like Sidharth who are simply spending time. We stay focused on serving the public."


Updated : 29 April 2021 12:05 PM GMT
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