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Shut down Telegram group for undue help during open book exams: DU

Shut down Telegram group for undue help during open book exams: DU

New Delhi: Delhi University (DU) has written a letter asking social media app Telegram to shut down a specific group on the app through which students were being allegedly told the answers to questions asked in the online open book examination held by the university.

Open book examinations in Delhi University have started from Monday and have been conducted only for the final year students. These examinations have been conducted for all the three categories of students — Regular, School of Open Learning (SOL) and Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB).

This time the varsity has decided that students will get three hours to complete the exam and 60 minutes to download the question paper and upload the answer sheet. For all categories of students, this exam is being conducted through online mode only.

The Delhi University administration has conveyed in an email to the students that a group created on the social media app Telegram was giving undue help to the students in the open book exams. Therefore, all students are advised not to be a part of this group.

The university administration says that many such students have been identified who have been a part of this alleged Telegram group. Action will be taken against those students who behave inappropriately during the examination.

According to the university administration, more than 100 such students have been identified so far who were part of this group on Telegram app.

The administration has clarified that it is conducting online classes and open book exams in an effective and fair manner. This decision has been taken to save the academic year of the students.

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the results of the intermediate semester students of Regular, SOL and NCWEB of Delhi University will be decided through Assessment Based Evaluation (ABE). Through the ABE, the examination results of these students will be prepared and they will be promoted to the next class.


Updated : 9 Jun 2021 4:25 PM GMT
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