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IITR organizes the IInd Endowment Lecture in the memory of Dr A N Khosla

IITR organizes the IInd Endowment Lecture in the memory of Dr A N Khosla

Roorkee (The Hawk): The Second Endowment Lecture has been organized by the Department of Water Resources Development and Management, IIT Roorkee, in the memory of Dr. AN Khosla, a renowned engineer and politician. He was the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of the University of Roorkee too. Er. M Gopalkrishnan was the keynote speaker of the program, and he presented his lecture on the topic "A New Vision for System of Water Governance in India." Er. Gopalakrishnan apprised that India's population would be expected to around 1.5 to 1.8 billion by 2050; approximately 450-500 million tons of food grains would be required to feed them. He pointed out that India's total water consumption was 813 billion cubic meters in 2010, which would likely increase by 1447 billion cubic meters in 2050. Around 1447 billion cubic meters of water would be required for the irrigation sector only.

As a solution to resolve water-related issues, he suggested adopting integrated water resources development and management. He said that the goal of 'Jal Shakti' can be achieved through an integrated approach with interdependence calls for integration and management of integration. Er. Gopal Krishnan mentioned a new vision of governance through various strategies that would undoubtedly benefit the people working in the water sector.

At the outset, Prof. Ashish Pandey, WRD&M, Department presented the welcome address and introduced the keynote speaker. Prof. Pandey said that Er. Gopalakrishnan has a significant contribution to the water sector. He has also served as a President of the Indian Water Resources Society and Honorary General Secretary of ICID. Prof M. L. Kansal, Head, Department of WRD&M, IIT Roorkee, enlighten the significant contributions made by Dr. A N Khosla in various fields. Prof.Kansal added that as an educationist, Dr.Khosla was the founder of two specialized engineering departments, i.e., The Water Resources Development Training Centre and the School of Research and Training in Earthquake Engineering, have made the University of Roorkee internationally well-known.

The concluding remarks were made by Prof. M. Parida, Deputy Director, IITRoorkee. He said that the water sector disputes are very sensitive hence need to be resolved more carefully. He noted that Er. Gopalkrishnan discussed very clearly how different strategies could be worked out that can be helpful as new governance. He also added that this is very clear that there is a need for a new paradigm for water governance. The need for water is for urban areas, for the agricultural sector hence has a lot of pressure. When there is any dispute related to the public's water issues, it needs to be handled very delicately.

At last, a formal vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Deepak Khare, WRD&M Department. Prof. S. K. Mishra, Prof. R.D. Singh, Prof.Kasi, Prof.Idhaya, Prof.BasantYadav, and Prof. S K Jain also attended the endowment lecture.

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