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IIT Roorkee Organizes Farmer's Awareness Programme on World Meteorological Day

Dehradun (The Hawk): Agromet Field Unit, IIT Roorkee has organized a Farmer Awareness Programm on the occasion of World Meteorological Day to sensitize the farmers about agromet advisory services at Doiwala, Dehradun under Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS) project running in the Department of Water Resources Development and Management (WRD&M), IIT Roorkee. Prof. Ashish Pandey, Nodal Officer, GKMS Project at IIT Roorkee, apprised the farmers that the World Meteorological Day takes place every year on 23rd March. He highlighted the importance of World Meteorological Day and told that the themes chosen for the World Meteorological Day reflect topical weather, climate or water-related issues which are essential to the safety and wellbeing of society. He informed that the Met Center Dehradun's weather forecast is being shared with the farmers at block and district level. In addition, Agromet Advisory Bulletins are being prepared based on the weather forecast at the block level and disseminated to the farmers in real-time through 'MAUSAM' mobile app developed by Agromet Field Unit, IIT Roorkee. Prof. Pandey urged the farmers to take responsibility for "Mausam Mitra" voluntarily for discharging the Agromet Adviosry Services as a social initiative to be made easily accessible to more and more farmers in real-time. On this occasion, youth farmer Vinay Kamboj and Roop Chand Lodhi have taken the responsibility to discharge Mausam Mitra's role voluntarily for Bullawala and Kudkawala, respectively. It is noteworthy that 'Mausam Mitra' will do voluntary work to disseminate the Agromet Advisory Services by forming a WhatsApp group of farmers of the village concerned. This innovative idea has been introduced by the AMFU, IIT Roorkee, to make farmers aware of these services.

Prof. Raj Dev Singh, Ex. Director, National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) and Visiting Professor at WRD&M, IIT Roorkee, told about the World Meteorological Day. He said that the day highlights the contribution rendered by the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services for the security of our environment. He discussed about the proper irrigation water management. Prof. Basant Yadav, Assistant Professor, WRD&M Department, IIT Roorkee, addressed the importance of groundwater and advised farmers for the judicious use of groundwater in agricultural operations. Progressive farmers Jaipal Singh and Dr Satish Kumar Shastri shared his experiences with farmers about the utility of agrometeorological services.

Dr. Arvind Kumar, Technical Officer, GKMS Project, moderated the program and has asked farmers to download the 'Meghdoot' app developed by the India Meteorological Department to receive the real-time Agromet Advisory Services. He advised farmers to download 'Damini' app for early warning of thundering and lightning. Feedback from farmers were received on the feedback farm by GKMS team.

Shri Om Prakash Kamboj, a progressive farmer and convener of 'Farmer Awareness Programme', proposed a formal vote of thanks. Progressive farmers Mohan Singh Saini, Amrish Kumar, Rajpal, Dhan Bahadur Sroti, Sanjay Sharam, Jeet Bahadur, Kanhaiya Lal, Jai Prakash, Neeraj Kumar, Gyan Chand and other farmers of Bullawala and neighboring villages attended the program.

Updated : 2021-03-23T19:45:29+05:30
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