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'Don’t Look For Shortcuts, Stay Focussed' - PM Modi

modi ji
Sunil Aswal
January28/ 2023

Vinod C Dixit Pariksha Pe Charcha is a movement that is driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to bring together students, parents, teachers and the society to foster an environment where the unique individuality of each child is celebrated, encouraged and allowed to express itself fully Inspiring this movement is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's path breaking, bestselling book 'Exam Warriors' PM Modi started this yojana in 2018 and has provided several benefits to school children. Not only their education but their overall skills are enhanced day by day by the extra curricular activities that are included in the program.PM Modi loves children and he always finds some or other ways to get in touch with them. Since he is responsible for managing the county, he has started the  Pariksha Pe Charcha  yojana for the school-going students. PM Modi interacted with students, teachers and gave them his tips on how to deal with exam stress, student-teacher connection, social media distractions and more. PM Modi’s book, “Exam Warriors” is a popular annual event for exam-bound students, their parents and teachers. For the PM, it is an unflinching commitment towards the future generations of the country, as he believes that the right temperament to deal with life’s challenges, can best be moulded in a child’s formative years. PM rightly urges everyone to put exams in the right perspective, rather than making it a life-and- death situation punctuated by undue stress and pressure. The one-line message is put forth very clearly: there is a beautiful world, beyond the ensuing exam. The Exam Warriors module on NaMo App adds an interactive tech element to the Exam Warriors movement. It communicates the core messages of each mantr ...

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