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Meet Kashmir's Self-Taught Artist Whose Insta Page Of Artworks Is A Hit

Meet Kashmir's Self-Taught Artist
Inam Ansari
January30/ 2023

Srinagar: In the contemporary world, you will find most of the youth making excuses for remaining unemployed. But not Khazin Munir, who despite being a doctoral student in law, earns her bread through calligraphy and other art and craft forms. Munir, a self-taught artist from Srinagar, is the proud owner of the venture 'KAAMEKAAR', which is basically an Instagram page, where she showcases her artistic skills in calligraphy, wall-hangings, umbrellas, customised kangris etc., attracting many online customers to her artworks. She said KAAMEKAAR is more of passion than a simple social media page to her. When she started the page, she was not really hopeful that it will work, but her artistic skills have been attracting scores of people. "I have been very lucky to have got an audience who always admire me, support me and love me. I started it as a page for calligraphy, but gradually it became a multi-art page where you can customise calligraphies, wall-hangings, chocolate bouquets, nail and thread art, customised paper bags, gift wrapping, needle work art, small goody baskets, customised kangris etc.," she said. "Basically, if you want to gift something different to someone or want something special for yourself, we have got your back," Munir added. Munir, who hails from the Sanat Nagar area in Srinagar, is presently pursuing her PhD in law from the University of Kashmir. In the past, art was just a hobby for her. When she started her Instagram page three years back, she was busy completing her masters. She said the page was started on the basis of hit and trial method. Her siblings pressurised her to do so, as they were keen to see the response of the general public. Within a few days of launching the page, Munir got her first order ...

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