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Nobel Laureates For Trial Of Myanmar For Genocide In Rakhine

 Agencies |  2018-02-27 15:14:40.0  0  Comments

Nobel Laureates For Trial Of Myanmar For Genocide In Rakhine

Dhaka: Three female Nobel Peace Laureates on Monday said the atrocities on the Rohingya people in Myanmar are clearly genocide and demanded that Myanmar should take the issue to the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity.

They said this after meeting the Rohingya women, who fled Rakhine and taken shelter in Cox's refugees camps.
The Nobel laureates are visiting the Rohingya camps as part of their mission, to assess on the ground the crisis of the Rohingya, especially the women, who faced tortures by the Myanmar security forces before they fled to Bangladesh and raise voice for justice.
Irish Nobel Peace Laurite Mairead Maguire said, "Every single woman we met had been raped, had lost families, one woman's baby was taken off and butchered by the Myanmar soldiers. This is clearly genocide that is going on by the Burmese government and military against the Rohingya people"
This is an orchestrated attempt to remove out of Myanmar and out of history the Rohingya people. This is what genocide is about. As human family responsible for all the little children of the world, we refuse this genocide policy of the Burmese government. They will be taken to the ICC and those who are committing genocide will be held responsible.
We have to remove impunity, because the people and military think they can kill, slaughter little children, this is the slaughtering of the innocent in massive, massive scale where the world is going. We demand to International community, the United Nations and every single body to take this matter now,' she said.
"We cannot allow this people to sit in Bangladesh. The government has done so much for them. The organisations have done the support, the help for a million people sitting here in Bangladesh, who belong to Burma. So, the International community has to say enough is enough. And we all have to raise our voices… we have to stop this now,' she said.
Iranian Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi said, "And because of all these crimes the government of Myanmar must be punished. And as members of international community we have to do our utmost to make sure this is taken to the International court. And we are paving the way for that," she said.
"I was truly grateful to the government and the people of Bangladesh for their kindness and generosity for hosting these refugees. More and more refugees are coming into Bangladesh and this has to stop because not only it's not good for the refugees, it's intense pressure on the people of Bangladesh," she added.
Yemeni Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman said, "Really we thank the Bangladesh people, government, expertise who hosts this huge number of refugees. And we call really for the solution of the Rohingya crisis. This is a genocide against the Rohingya people. Rohingya people is suffering a lot, Rohingya people is really facing a massacre, genocide and unfortunately the International community disappeared and its shame for all of us and it is a shame on the on the International community that they are silent against all these genocide," "We are calling for those who are perpetrator to this crime to be accountable. As Nobel women laurite, we will follow them the trial in International Criminal Court", she said. UNI

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