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Family Planning seminar held at BGMEA University

Family Planning seminar held at BGMEA University

Dhaka: Peacempire, in collaboration with BUFT Model UN Association (BUFTMUNA) organized Family Planning Seminar at BGMEA University, Dhaka on June 11, 2017.
Over 380 plus participants, including university students, teachers and staffs attended the seminar.
Strategic way to promote 120under40 campaign, the seminar critically addressed the wider areas of Family Planning issues, including taboos regarding menstruation, SRHR and contraceptives awareness etc.

Md.Tamzid Hayder Tawrat Sikder Moon, founder president of BUFTMUNA club remarked, "Family Planning must be key policy issues among the youth organizations as we are facing a number of crises emerged out of it. The sensitive issues of contraceptives, sex education and reproductive hygiene need to be addressed right this moment from right this place".

BUFTMUNA president praised Peacempire for bringing the 120under40 movement to their campus.

"As part of our campaign strategy, we arranged this seminar at BGMEA University and we have finalized couple of plans to move across the country in all the divisions", said Peacempire President Rafiqul Alam Khan.

"Early Forced Marriage is a major obstacle to Family Planning. As the president of 'Peacempire' I have advanced the project through planning and implementing 04 major activities—workshop, campaigns, documentations and forming SRHR coalition. Aimed to reduce the rate of Early Forced Marriage into the rate of 30%, we have involved adolescents and youths, aged 12 to 25 in the underprivileged areas of Narayanganj district, Bangladesh. Conducted between early weeks of July 2016 and the mid winter of January 2017 the project has trained and engaged 162 Community Reporters, 149 Young Advocates, 63 Peer Educators and 2431 Campaigners who continue to work as Popular Opponents against Early Forced Marriages", added Rafiqul Alam Khan.

"For so long young people are not being involved in the policy discussions about the issues that affect them. This needs to changed in Bangladesh. To trend the family planning movement across Bangladesh, Peacempire mobilized thousands of youths over the couple of years and engaged a number of young networks this year to mobilize the society", said Peacempire founder, Rakibul Hasan.

"Can you imagine Greek-like Bangladesh constitutes approx. 180 million people, 20 million more than Russia when only 28% Bangladeshi women 03% males use contraceptives. These is complete illusions of government, instead I think, what we need right now is demographic dividends. Therefore, I initiated nationwide projects that aims at breaking taboos of contraceptives use against traditional religious superstitions, creating a generation of young Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights advocates", he added. --- Rafiqul Alam Khan

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