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PM Modi's autograph gets Bengal girl marriage proposals

PM Modis autograph gets Bengal girl marriage proposals

Bankura: Ritu Mudi says she 'became a celebrity' and have started getting marriage proposals after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to visit her at a hospital and wrote her an autograph.

Ritu Mudi was among the injured after a tent collapsed at the prime minister's rally in Midnapore in Bengal.
The PM's visit and the autograph made the family popular and the girl and her sister have started getting marriage proposals. Rita who is a second year student, says that she was happy with the importance that they were to getting but wants to continue her studies.
She said, "I became a celebrity. I and my sister are even getting marriage proposals, but we'll marry after completing studies."
When the prime minister came to the hospital, she asked him for the autograph. The PM wrote on a paper "parmatama sukhi rakhe".
"Look at the adulation for PM Modi. The lady meets first in the hospital asks PM for an autograph while hardly being able to speak. Needless to say, PM happily obliged, "tweeted BJP's IT chief Amit Malviya. He also shared a photo of the Prime Minister with Rita lying on a bed in the hospital.
Several people were injured at the PM's rally when a part of the tent collapsed.

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