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CAA Unites Congenital Rivals Mamata, Left Front, Congress

CAA Unites Congenital Rivals Mamata, Left Front, Congress

In the rarest of rare (unbelievable unfathomable, incomprehensible) unity-phenomenon in (West) Bengal, congenitally sworn political enemies Mamata Banerjee+her Trinamool Congress, Left Front including its Big Brother for-all-purposes CPM, Indian National Congress are united and as 1 composite unit jointly opposing CAA, BJP, Amit Shah (main grouse against him as he is believed to have master minded CAA, NPR, NRC), Narendra Modi (face to face with not very high protests), their high handedness, Their flagrant ignorance of Opposition before passing the NCC etc, their anti-Left Policy/Policies, their frantic efforts to destabilise as they are fiully aware that the moment the CAA will (as now) be put into effect/practice in Bengal innumerable 'doubtful Hindus', 'non-Hindus', Muslims, Christians etc will (as already now amid strong rumours to that effect) are direct targets being sans any valid documents establishing their antecedents, their original home country, their parents' residence in their earlier country etc.

Obviously majority of them have none of those as they fled in a hurry/jiffy to save their very lives from the Hindus-hating Muslims in those Muslim-dominated countries. Even before, during Great Partition of Bengal, people from then East Pakistan now Bangladesh just crossed over to this country to save their very lives.

The same people now are cursing themselves, abusing their parents (in many cases, even their grand parents) for not possessing their religion certificate, residence proof, date of birth proof to satisfy "ShreeJookto Omit Modee Shaheb" (Mananiya Amit Modi Sahab) so that he allows them to stay in India unabated, unhindered, without any question asked to them along with their "antecedents, Poorbo Poreechoy Breettanto ".

There are many in the state and elsewhere in the country like in Bareilly, Pilibhit, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra etc who have no papers about who they are really. They were penury-stricken when they were forced to flee from their homeland to save their very lives leave aside then having papers about their background, their addresses etc then, opine many such people in the Very Delhi itself what to talk of the people elsewhere scattered in the country. To mention : They are spread in various nooks and corners of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and other places.

"Now to ask them of their religion is hurting them about their very existence considering the extreme inhuman way they were kicked out of Bangladesh and they were forced to cross over here only to be settled by the previous Governments," comment many such people in the Pilibhit area where there are many Bangladeshis whose religion indeed is not know though they say, they are Hindus. Yes, they too are in scrutiny of the Government as they will have to duly prove, they are Hindus. If they are successful in proving/satisfying the concerned authorities about that, they will be allowed to stay here and will be given citizenship also wherever required that is.

It should be mentioned here that in many cases, people from Bangladesh have been surreptitiously moving over to India from its varied borders with Bangladesh without any knowledge of the Indian Authorities. They are also under deep scrutiny, say insiders in the Union Home Ministry.

None of them, whoever crossed over to India clandestinely or openly, ever thought that they would be compelled to think of leaving this country being without valid documents/papers relating to their all round background stretching upto their "First ForeFather/ForeMother". Incidentally, they are not even aware whether they have had 1 because they fled to save their very lives, claim many a settler here openly without mincing any word.

Government, Home Ministry etc in particular, is refusing to buy that any way. According to the insiders in the Home MInistry in the North Block, (Specific Officer/s for CAA are yet to be appointed in the Home Ministry) the settlers from Bangladesh will have to clearly prove with the help of official documents that they are HIndus etc and not Muslims in any way although the Government's crystal clear information with proofs are that many of them are Muslims living under assumed names of Hindus and it is they who do not have due papers to prove that they are Hindus etc from Bangladesh. It is they who are being targeted by the Government not Hindus. They are absolutely safe. As times go by, even if they are unable to prove they are Hindus with properly recognised Hindu-proving documents, they will be let off. They will be allowed to live here, they will be even given due citizenship of this country, they will be given all facilities given to Indian citizens.

According to reliable informations from the Government, it is indeed true that many of the Bangladeshis living here since decades will face ouster from here and they know that fully well. Thats the reasons why there is a virtual scramble of theirs in local courts, affidavit-makers etc in Bengal, Tripura, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya (one of its recognised spoken languages is Bangladesh's Chottogram-Bhashaa {Chittagong Language}), parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, South India, Delhi, NCR etc.

Present CAA will be quickly followed by the NRC, NPR have veritably made them jittery as they convincingly understand that implementation (already started, by the way) of the CAA means their ouster from India, then may be they will be compelled to go to Bay of Bengal and drown themselves therein. They will have no other choice as Bangladesh Government will not take them back as they have no documents to prove they were in Bangladesh ever leave along living there in a proper address.

The "settlers" of all hues from across the border/s are virtually forced to believe that their days in this country are numbered and there is no one to save them from that unless there is a fresh election and there is a change of Government but that is "ïf hopes (howsoever desperate, urgent they be) are horses, beggars would ride on them"......Their doors in the country are closed for the time being, stoutly claim officers in the Home Ministry with the full support of their MinisterJi, AmitBhai ShahJi.

The latter himself is vouching for safe stay for all here and there is no need to worry about their being uprooted from this country till he is there. NCC is meant to give citizenship to Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Jain-ees, Sikhs spread in India's neighbouring countries including Afghanistan.

From Amit Shah's utterances right from the inception of the talks on CAA (CAA in fact was introduced by the then UPA Government that was later withdrawn and to be introduced with due amendments later) centered around there will be no one who will be ousted from India, CAA is meant to give citizenship to the people not to snatch it away from them. Let there be no confusion, dilemma, crossroads on that. CAA is people-friendly not enemy of the people in any way. All talks/actions/movements/demonstrations/sit-ins etc are meaningless. They are meant to destabilise the country and are being done by anti-national elements who since long have been wanting to destabilise the country on some (people-convincing) pretext and CAA has come in handy to them.

Interestingly, anti-CAA has reached at the point of no return or so it seems at the time of writing. Demostrations, slogan-shouting, braving biting cold, conquering cold-ills, sit ins, lathi charge, shooting, gherao, clobbering etc are visible all throughout the country. Government there remains unfazed. At the most they are trying to quell them but they refuse to budge. When they are specifically asked why they think they will not be allowed to stay here, they only say CAA. Yet, they have not read CAA. Many of them do not even know what is CAA, what it is for and what the Government says on it in no holds barred fashion.

Meanwhile, M/s Mamata Banerjee & Co continue to rally against the Government in Centre, its Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, BJP, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Mahasabha, Janta Vidyarthi Morcha etc for patronising the CAA and also, "anti-people" NPR, NRC. They want NCC and others be withdrawn right away and let people of all hues live without any apprehension of any kind.



Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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