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Mercer Mettl launches new web-based examination platform

Mercer Mettl launches new web-based examination platform

New Delhi: Online assessment platform Mercer | Mettl that helped over 2.5 million students took their exams on its platform in 2020 on Tuesday launched a web-based examination platform, which is touted as an all-in-one, integrated solution to digitise academic exams.

As schools, colleges and other educational institutions continue to remain shut, Mercer l Mettl's online examination management system offers an end-to-end solution for a holistic online exam experience.

"We witnessed an increase of four times in investments in the EdTech space during the pandemic. This implies that the industry is responding to the unique needs of students and learners at an unprecedented pace by bringing out innovative solutions that are enabling adoption of online education," Siddhartha Gupta, CEO, Mercer | Mettl, told IANS.

"Over 2.5 million students took their exams on the Mettl platform in 2020 alone and this number is growing exponentially with more and wider adoption of online examinations across schools, colleges and universities across the world," he added.

The new, state-of-the-art software that is available in more than 20 languages allows both human and AI proctoring, ensuring credibility and sanctity of the examination process.

It also allows secure evaluation and results declaration after the completion of exams.

"The entire process is cost-effective and practical in today's day and age when e-learning is ruling the roost," Gupta mentioned.

It enables administrators to schedule and conduct exams easily, besides managing answer-sheet evaluation in a secured manner via intuitive dashboards and workflows. All this is done online, without the need to book exam centres and manage other logistics.

The system enables adopting new and innovative question types to measure what is really needed to be measured. There are 26 different kinds of question types including chemical and mathematical equations to evaluate the student's comprehension, ensuring the accuracy of the exam process.

The system saves significant time for professors by reducing their admin work, including exam invigilation and physical handling of answer sheets.

"We currently serve over 400 universities, colleges and schools across over 40 countries. An astounding 265 of them came on-board during the pandemic itself," Gupta said.


Updated : 23 Feb 2021 10:13 AM GMT
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