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China's rocket designers now to put out air purifiers

Chinas rocket designers now to put out air purifiers

Beijing: Chinese carrier rocket designers are using their knowledge and expertise to tap into the public's demand for fresh and clean air.

Incorporating a host of cutting-edge technologies used on rockets, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing, a major developer of the nation's carrier rockets and ballistic missiles, will soon put on the market an air purifier, China Daily reports.

One of the academy's subsidiaries responsible for the development and marketing of air purifiers, Beijing Ares Technology Co has already sold 10,000 Alpha-blue air purifiers, developed by rocket designers, to space industry workers. It will launch 5,000 sets on the open market after the coming Chinese New Year.

Wang Libo, Chairman of Beijing Ares Technology, said he expects the product to be popular because while being reasonably priced, it has better capabilities compared with other air purifiers of its kind on the Chinese market.

"Compared with other purifiers of its size, the Alpha-blue has a much higher rate of delivering clear air and absorbing formaldehyde in a given period of time because we powder-coat its filter screens with nanoplatinum particles that are widely used in rocket production," he said.


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