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BJP Silently Sways Centuries Old Kolkata Clubs

BJP Silently Sways Centuries Old Kolkata Clubs

New Delhi (The Hawk): In an unprecedented impeccable yet silent coup de grace, the BJP in Kolkata (and West Bengal) silently yet 100% assuredly has roped in its favor all supercilious 100+ year old clubs -- Calcutta Club, The Tollyganj Club, Saturday Club, The Bengal Club, Calcutta South Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Calcutta Punjab Club, Rotary Club -- in its favor as their powerful internationally linked members have willingly switched over their loyalty to BJP from CPI(M), Left Front, Indian National Congress, Trinamool Congress Party etc after being promised out-of-way patronage to them in BJP Government in the state with no interference into their modus operandi of any kind.

And also because of BJP-promise of turning Kolkata "9 Star" from its present all round penurious, slovenly, under developed, parsimonious looks writ large all over.

That Kolkata would be "9 Star" after BJP would be voted to power in the state in the coming assembly elections in the state has made Kolkata's high and mighty so excited, enthused that they have promised BJP all their voted en masse with no question asked. After all they want to flagrantly display their wealth in the city but due to its penury, they can't do so even though they desperately want do so all the time in the true spirit of "live free and let others live the way they want without any hindrance of any kind"...Now BJP is all for them in a bid to change prevalent sociology in Kolkata wherein in the new government, there will be a free run of "be the way you are and don't have to display forced penury".

Strictly speaking, the high-n-mighty --- members of closed door above clubs --- of Kolkata are an exclusive class in themselves and they couldn't care less for anyone nor anything as the world is obsequious to them due to their financial might. BJP is encouraging that and is egging them to display that and evince their real clout. They thus naturally are mighty exhilarated by the BJP-encouragement which they have been wanting since ages but were deprived of by the ruling cliques. BJP has changed that thereby roping in a mammoth vote bank in its favor. The targeted masses (indeed they constitute masses in their own right) themselves are mighty thrilled with BJP allowing them to have a free run of their choice in very Kolkata where they are since

Generations but have always been forced to stay spartan. Except in clubs wherein they go berserk unwinding all they have and required to shell out. In BJP Government, they are seeing their club-like life every where as they will be permitted to have a free run whichever way they want and require.

Updated : 23 Feb 2021 4:56 AM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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