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Amit Shah's Bengal CM Find: Jaya 'Guddi' Bhaduri 'Dhonnee Meye'

Amit Shahs Bengal CM Find: Jaya Guddi Bhaduri Dhonnee Meye

New Delhi (The Hawk): Amit Shah's Bengal CM Find: Jaya 'Guddi' Bhaduri 'Dhonnee Meye'. That Amit Shah is proven synonymous with doggedly, astutely, innovatively catching numerous omnipotent, omniscient-posing political pundits of even most "self claimed, widely tom-tomed Chankaya kind" totally off guard by his sudden, unexpected, gratuitous earth-shaking --- albeit, helpful to the BJP in every way --- pronouncements is again about to be evident when he will unequivocally drop a virtual bomb, pronounce Jaya 'Guddi' (her memorable film still as fresh as tulip) Bhaduri to be BJP's 'Dhonnee Meye' (mademoiselle's 'naughty', 'knotty' Bangla fillum) as Mukkho Montree (Chief Minister) and so the people of Bengal should vote for her en masse so that she gets a free hand from them to work for all round betterment of the state at the slightest time without any ado and yes, entire Narendra Modi Government will be behind her patronising her with all amenities facilitating her administering the entire Poshchim Bangla state impeccably and with no interference of any kind.

100% determined to rule Poschim Bangla from 2021-2026 and onward, BJP bigwig proven dexterous, articulate (strategy wise, concept wise, execution wise, ploughing wise) fully focused, +ly crafty, innovatively strategic more indepth than even Chanakya, Amit Shah is all set to project famed silver screen "Guddi" Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan) as "BJPr Ekoosher Mookkho Montri Praarthee Jaya Bhaduri, Sonar Bangla; Ekoosher Roopantakar Bastabvadee Notoon Banglar Oopodeshta Jaya Bhaduri Othobaa Dhonnee Meye Keembaa Guddi". Along with placing inimitable, irrepressible Jaya Bhaduri (daughter of late daredevil journalist Taroon Kumar Bhaadoori, author of many books on daring dacoits of Chambal etc) in front of Banglar Jonota. Amit Shah will place before the fully understanding Jonota of Bangla that because of the Centre's indifference toward Bengal since many, many decades, it is without care today totally neglected, ignored, grossly underdeveloped. Also because of that, the general ghetto, slovenly look of the state and its all ins and outs. Couple that with free flowing import of masses from out of Bengal from foreign countries without any credo of any kind.

Credulousnes indeed totally misses in this regard and that is the reason why the state resembles over crowded with all in stark penury. They if all have only enabled the state with all level destabilizing demography of the state thereby always keeping it in utmost tenterhooks of sheer uncertainty, instability. Also, there is a constant under current of tensions of all kinds like communal, inter caste, inter religion, inter region, inter West Bengal vs neighbouring Bengali country etc. Only Jaya Didi/JayaJee or for many, Dhonnee Meye (famous Jaya Bachchan starrer in Bengali decades ago still box office drawer) or Guddi (famous Jaya-starrer in Hindi) is fully capable of salvaging all that in Poshchim Bangla and turn it into Sonar Bangla that will relentlessly reverberate with Ami Tomay Bhalobasee. Such and similar mass appealing rabble rousing --- not surely, maudlin --- appeals from Amit Shah will rake in Bengal-masses en masse into the BJP-fold look, stock and barrel and vote for the BJP to establish Jaya Bhaduri as rtheir Chief Minister who surely from day 1 will initiate Notoon Bangla yojna in a rapid pace so that in the first year of the BJP Government in the state, development in all level in all sectors. The aim is to eradicate the grossly under developed, slovenly state of Poshchim Bangla. Interestingly numerous variedly development-specialist technocrat Bengalis spread in USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia converge in Bengal and actively partake of in making Sonar Bangla of Ekoosh (2021).

What's more? While fully focusing on Sonar Bangla, Jaya-government will not comment anything bitter on other parties' governments of other states so that she remains fully focused on only West Bengal and not divert her attention in any way. She is fully determined to steer clear of all destructions nor will they allow themselves to go for any sort of criticism of non-BJP Governments in the state that according to all observers has all round suffered adversely since the forties compared to rocket speed like all round progresses of other states in the country…Never mind, say national BJP HQ insiders, as from now on, it will only be all round progresses of Poschim Bangla 24x7x365 and very soon, the all round +ve marked changes will be observed in the entire state. It will mammothly intensify as soon as Narendra Modi's Look East will be initiated thru West Bengal to North-East to South-East Asia to Pacific to USA etc. Poschim Bangla then will be "Ekebaarei Sonar Bangla" (fully Sonar Bangla) and the people will spontaneously say "Aamaar Sonar Bangla Aamee Tomaay Bhaalobaasee."

Updated : 2020-11-20T13:09:04+05:30


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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